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"A young poet with the soul of an old roots rocker."  ...that's how Ray Wylie Hubbard described John M. Greenberg as an upstart songwriter from Oklahoma after lending his storied vocals on John’s first release “Hill Country Trail” back in the late ‘90s.  


This album title proved prophetic as John would quickly shed any white-collar/professional ambitions and move to Marble Falls, TX diving head first into the heart of the Texas Hill Country music scene. There, he would forge musical relationships with fellow songwriters Mike Blakely and John Arthur Martinez. 

Accolades include - 2 time 'New Folk' Finalist, and later headliner (with The Mystiqueros) at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival, TMA producer of the year, male vocalist of the year nominee and has several cuts by other award-winning artists as well as songs featured on syndicated shows like Friday Night Lights and American Dad. 

As a lead guitarist, he has backed some of the biggest names in Texas Music including Ryan Bingham, Susan Gibson, Jimmy Davis, Walt Wilkins, the late Chris Wall, Sam Baker, the aforementioned Blakely and Martinez and dozens more. 

John will tell you he is most at home in the studio and this is never more evident than with his latest release, "RAILS", which is a collaboration with the many talented songwriters and musicians with which he has crossed paths over the past two decades.  


Western author Mike Blakely says of John’s new project: “RAILS stands as a long-overdue triumph for John M. Greenberg. This collection of brilliantly written stories in rhyme and melody showcases the raw, yet somehow refined master composer. On top of all that, John has created a canvas upon which to unleash a perfectly beautiful maelstrom of his guitar sounds of every stripe – from the purest acoustics to the most sophisticated and grittiest electrics. This is what happens when one seeks and ultimately achieves one’s own loftiest goals.” 



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